The Shape of Things to Come

Tales from the Void: Part 5 - Escape from The Asteroid...


Emerging battered, burned and shaken from the foul arena they managed to achieve the impossible and locate the communications room after a long and stealthy foray into the bowels of the asteroid base – A distress beacon was sent.

Successfully stealing a ship they were pursued by enemy vessels and almost destroyed but for the timely arrival of the HIMS Vindicator under Lord Captain Casper Drake. Despite all the odds being against them the team was rescued and made their way to the Calixis sector capitol for debriefing and just reward from the Inquisitorial masters.

Tales from the Void: Part 5

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster…

With Regis Quintos officially on the run the team are joined with Joslyn Winston whose investigation seems to be overlapping theirs.

Having bartered passage with suspected criminal Hakim Esteban to the wreck of a very large, powerful and valuable Imperial ship they are instead taken to a remote and unchartered asteroid base of some size where they are asked to kill a prisoner to prove their loyalty as their cover story of being smugglers is clearly in doubt.

The prisoner turns out to be Sister Abigunda Noctuna who has been missing whilst working undercover for some time. Clearly not wanting to liquidate a valued servant of the Imperium the team instead plot escape with her, not noticing the cell she is held in was bugged.

Before their escape plans can come to fruition they find themselves in a huge subterranean area, with sigils of the dreaded and legendary Serrated Query, with a crowd of humans, mutants and xenos – led apparently by Hakim Esteban (Deceased) who proceeded to set a huge Tyrannosaurus which was dispatched but not without losses, including three fingers on Joslyn’s right hand. Next they unleashed an armoured rhino…

During the thick of a terrific battle they became aware the crowd was shielded. The sharp eyes of Ravia Balsis & Vladimir Ivanovich Zek managed to spot a generator node and after a number of struggling shots the shield was taken out and the rhino killed. This send the crowd running and Sister Nocturna wasted no time turning Esteban’s head into a shower of blood and brains with an uncanny shot.

With the crowd dispersing in panic the team seemed confident of escape until a small girl jumped into the area and began summoning a wall of fire in front of them…

Tales from the Void: Part 4

A brief stay on Marius Station as guests of Alfred Klinsman followed by some investigation work in Hive Calmir on Tranch was interrupted by a mission direct from Inquisitor Marianna Locarno involving flame grilled and bullet ridden Dark Eldar slavers and some sensitive data from a fallen IG Unit.

Successful extraction was followed by news that Hakim Esteban had arrived on the Lady Mary and was expecting them…

Tales from the Void: Part 3

Following quarantine and a lovely state dinner as guests of Lord Captain Casper Drake the team were introduced to a fellow acolyte of Inquisitor Marianna Locarno, a Naval Armsman called Calder.

With the beginnings of a new cell in hand they were given special and separate quarters and begin exploring the leads at hand whilst waiting for the Vindicator to arrive in the Tranch system, where they hoped to close any further investigation of Sebastian Klinsman’s (Deceased) death by speaking with his family at their seat on Marius Station.

The team also found out the Lady Mary would be arriving at Tranch around the time they would. This links not only to what happened on Sevastopol station but also a wider inquiry into the HIMS Agamemnon and it’s flight recorder clearly needs the light of the Emperor to shine and purify it. Calder also briefly questioned one of the two survivors of the Sevastopol station incident, Gammin Nodolrine. He declined to question Briella Stassin, who appeared to be dealing with the trauma of events in her own way.

The team also examined the flight recorder and found a flight path for the Agamemnon;s last known real space location – a remote and uninhabited system designated XB-46. A visit to the ship’s Astropathic Navigator revealed the flight recorder has Warp taint so they wisely spaced it out the air lock once they had gleaned all they could.

The session ended with the Vindicator arriving in the Tranch system and the team departing on their ‘tug’ for the main Tranch hiveworld…

At The Edge Of Forever: Tales From The Void Part 2

With most of the station crew dead or missing, the team has encountered what seems to be a nest of Genestealers between them and the flight data recorder they have been tasked with retrieving…

…after killing five of the foul beasts they discovered Regis Quintos in the main engineering area. After brief introductions they discovered three men and three women holed up in station Tek-Priest’s quarters where they also found the flight recorder.

Deciding the best course of action would be to destroy the station they set off to overload the reactor core. Despite seeing another Genestealer prowling around they headed back once the core was set.

On the way back they forced the surviving crew to join them – with one needing to be shot as a morale boost. Despite being surprised in the dark by the remaining genestealer the quick actions of the team, including an improbably brilliant las shot by Vladimir Ivanovich Zek saw the foul beast’s entrails cooked in the holy fire of a Standard Issue Imperial Guard Lasgun after being illuminated by a flare shot by the team officer.

Upon reaching the airlock they strip searched the survivors and found three had suspicious wounds. Whilst the other two, a man and a woman, were led back to the tug the three were mercifully executed as suspected carriers of whatever Genestealers…carry.

With the survivors safely locked away the tug headed off and they watched from afar an extremely anti-climatic explosion that was once Sevastopol Station. Within the hour the HIMS Vindicator arrived and the tug was put in quarantine. A brief reunion over radio between Quintos and Lord Captain Casper Drake saw them put into a more comfortable quarantine and a Med-Tek was sent to conduct a proper examination of everyone – revealing Sebastian Klinsman was infected. Doing the proper thing they killed him quietly and resigned themselves to the rest of their quarantine – thankful for the gift of Ambrosia from the Captain himself.

At The Edge Of Forever: Tales From The Void Part 1
In The Warp All You Can Hear Is Screams....


Pulled from their regular duties, void-born members of the Imperial Navy and associated groups are put together for what seems like a routine mission to retrieve a sensitive flight recorder from a lost ship…

Signs and Portents Part 2

A carefully planned and skilfully executed raid on the base saw the team triumph with minimal injury and no loss of life. Upon arrival the Elite forces and player characters conduced a search and destroy mission after uncovering a nest of foul Genestealers. They were last seen entering a sewer outflow system…

Meanwhile the rest of the city was restored to order and multiple arrests were made. Trials and execution by hanging of several senior members of local government, nobility and the arbiters were carried out and loyal citizens of the Imperium were installed in their place.

The fate of the characters remains classified.

Signs and Portents Part 1

The team made their way to the guard check point, using her Inquisitorial Acolyte rosary Josslyn had the two police guards escort them to Magistrate Granger’s office.

Finding links to a mysterious ‘Charity’ on Granger’s non-Arbiter password protected data-slate they tried to make contact via data-mail and set up a meeting to see who exactly this Charity was and how he or she was were interrupted by the arrival of Chief Steiner and two other Arbiters. The Police Guard gave their lives stopping the clearly corrupt Arbiters from entering and a well placed krak grenade and a shove with a chainsword finished the job.

Hearing the sound of many footsteps the acolytes decided to run and find an out of the way guest house to spend the night and avoid further attention.

Contacted by Anglier, who has been in hiding for several months outside the city after being exposed and almost assassinated. Making their way to him he asked them to help assault a nearby base so he could use the transmitter to get a message to the Moon facility with the hidden Guard Base.

Return to Terminus Prime

The team decided to follow up on Keturah – the ‘innocent’ prisoner who killed half the Governor’s personal guard and escaped on his private shuttle just before a genestealer showed up.

Cross-referencing withLocarno’s intel they tracked a woman matching Keturah’s description passing customs under the name of Cassandra after debarking a cargo transport called LaGrange in Terminus Prime on Settlement 228.

They were also given a lead in the form of an Inquisitorial requisitioned ship that has gone silent whilst passing the third planet of the 426-LV system several light years away from Settlement 228.

A few weeks on the Vindicator saw the team arrive safely on Settlement 228. Unable to stay in orbit due to fleet massing manoeuvres on the orders ofAdmiral Hart, the Vindicator left.

Jossyln hooked up with an old contact, Magistrate Chen Granger to secure the team safe quarters in the city police and arbiter station. Beginning their investigation they eventually tracked down Cassandra to a high class brothel known as ‘The Cathedral’. Despite an artful and very low key entrance once Cassandra spotted them it was flight or fight.

A furious chase saw her brought down, quite badly injured. A quick call and they took the injured Cassandra/Keturah to the Station for medical aid, rest and later questioning.

Shortly after leaving her to recover in a secure medical cell Magistrate Granger arrived flanked by two armed Arbitrators. The Magistrate demanded they lay down their weapons and submit to arrest without reason. A tense stand off and a gunslinger going ‘boo’ kicked off a deadly short range gun fight, leaving two dead Arbitrators and a Magistrate bleeding to death just as the station alarms sound…

Of Uncongenial Foliage and Fauna...
Can the Acolytes find a cure and save a world?

Following up on leads from their efforts on Aryus One the Inquisition tracked down a bank of research related to the phage, which was of xeno origin.

With the priority being cure rather than finding out which xeno race is responsible Josslyn, Solates and the mysterious gunslinger Soloman headed for the death world of Haddrack to see if the long abandonded Facility Zero would yield secrets which could help cure the phage before Exterminatus had to be enforced on the population of Aryus One.

Facility_Zero_Landing_Platform.jpg The rain swept landing platform of Facility Zero…

Despite a bumpy landing, the horrific discovery of many corroded bodies and attacks by packs of local canine like creatures the Acolytes found what they were looking for, stood fast in the face of a terrifying plant creature of immense proportions and even managed to purge the facility with fire literally minutes before they left…their boots smoking as their shuttle collected them

Hopefully the data recovered from the site will greatly speed up the search for a cure to the phage and strengthen the ties between the nominal rulers of Aryus One and the Imperium.


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