The Shape of Things to Come

At The Edge Of Forever: Tales From The Void Part 2

With most of the station crew dead or missing, the team has encountered what seems to be a nest of Genestealers between them and the flight data recorder they have been tasked with retrieving…

…after killing five of the foul beasts they discovered Regis Quintos in the main engineering area. After brief introductions they discovered three men and three women holed up in station Tek-Priest’s quarters where they also found the flight recorder.

Deciding the best course of action would be to destroy the station they set off to overload the reactor core. Despite seeing another Genestealer prowling around they headed back once the core was set.

On the way back they forced the surviving crew to join them – with one needing to be shot as a morale boost. Despite being surprised in the dark by the remaining genestealer the quick actions of the team, including an improbably brilliant las shot by Vladimir Ivanovich Zek saw the foul beast’s entrails cooked in the holy fire of a Standard Issue Imperial Guard Lasgun after being illuminated by a flare shot by the team officer.

Upon reaching the airlock they strip searched the survivors and found three had suspicious wounds. Whilst the other two, a man and a woman, were led back to the tug the three were mercifully executed as suspected carriers of whatever Genestealers…carry.

With the survivors safely locked away the tug headed off and they watched from afar an extremely anti-climatic explosion that was once Sevastopol Station. Within the hour the HIMS Vindicator arrived and the tug was put in quarantine. A brief reunion over radio between Quintos and Lord Captain Casper Drake saw them put into a more comfortable quarantine and a Med-Tek was sent to conduct a proper examination of everyone – revealing Sebastian Klinsman was infected. Doing the proper thing they killed him quietly and resigned themselves to the rest of their quarantine – thankful for the gift of Ambrosia from the Captain himself.



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