The Shape of Things to Come

Of Uncongenial Foliage and Fauna...

Can the Acolytes find a cure and save a world?

Following up on leads from their efforts on Aryus One the Inquisition tracked down a bank of research related to the phage, which was of xeno origin.

With the priority being cure rather than finding out which xeno race is responsible Josslyn, Solates and the mysterious gunslinger Soloman headed for the death world of Haddrack to see if the long abandonded Facility Zero would yield secrets which could help cure the phage before Exterminatus had to be enforced on the population of Aryus One.

Facility_Zero_Landing_Platform.jpg The rain swept landing platform of Facility Zero…

Despite a bumpy landing, the horrific discovery of many corroded bodies and attacks by packs of local canine like creatures the Acolytes found what they were looking for, stood fast in the face of a terrifying plant creature of immense proportions and even managed to purge the facility with fire literally minutes before they left…their boots smoking as their shuttle collected them

Hopefully the data recovered from the site will greatly speed up the search for a cure to the phage and strengthen the ties between the nominal rulers of Aryus One and the Imperium.



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