The Shape of Things to Come

Return to Terminus Prime

The team decided to follow up on Keturah – the ‘innocent’ prisoner who killed half the Governor’s personal guard and escaped on his private shuttle just before a genestealer showed up.

Cross-referencing withLocarno’s intel they tracked a woman matching Keturah’s description passing customs under the name of Cassandra after debarking a cargo transport called LaGrange in Terminus Prime on Settlement 228.

They were also given a lead in the form of an Inquisitorial requisitioned ship that has gone silent whilst passing the third planet of the 426-LV system several light years away from Settlement 228.

A few weeks on the Vindicator saw the team arrive safely on Settlement 228. Unable to stay in orbit due to fleet massing manoeuvres on the orders ofAdmiral Hart, the Vindicator left.

Jossyln hooked up with an old contact, Magistrate Chen Granger to secure the team safe quarters in the city police and arbiter station. Beginning their investigation they eventually tracked down Cassandra to a high class brothel known as ‘The Cathedral’. Despite an artful and very low key entrance once Cassandra spotted them it was flight or fight.

A furious chase saw her brought down, quite badly injured. A quick call and they took the injured Cassandra/Keturah to the Station for medical aid, rest and later questioning.

Shortly after leaving her to recover in a secure medical cell Magistrate Granger arrived flanked by two armed Arbitrators. The Magistrate demanded they lay down their weapons and submit to arrest without reason. A tense stand off and a gunslinger going ‘boo’ kicked off a deadly short range gun fight, leaving two dead Arbitrators and a Magistrate bleeding to death just as the station alarms sound…



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