The Shape of Things to Come

Signs and Portents Part 1

The team made their way to the guard check point, using her Inquisitorial Acolyte rosary Josslyn had the two police guards escort them to Magistrate Granger’s office.

Finding links to a mysterious ‘Charity’ on Granger’s non-Arbiter password protected data-slate they tried to make contact via data-mail and set up a meeting to see who exactly this Charity was and how he or she was were interrupted by the arrival of Chief Steiner and two other Arbiters. The Police Guard gave their lives stopping the clearly corrupt Arbiters from entering and a well placed krak grenade and a shove with a chainsword finished the job.

Hearing the sound of many footsteps the acolytes decided to run and find an out of the way guest house to spend the night and avoid further attention.

Contacted by Anglier, who has been in hiding for several months outside the city after being exposed and almost assassinated. Making their way to him he asked them to help assault a nearby base so he could use the transmitter to get a message to the Moon facility with the hidden Guard Base.



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