The Shape of Things to Come

Tales from the Void: Part 5

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster…

With Regis Quintos officially on the run the team are joined with Joslyn Winston whose investigation seems to be overlapping theirs.

Having bartered passage with suspected criminal Hakim Esteban to the wreck of a very large, powerful and valuable Imperial ship they are instead taken to a remote and unchartered asteroid base of some size where they are asked to kill a prisoner to prove their loyalty as their cover story of being smugglers is clearly in doubt.

The prisoner turns out to be Sister Abigunda Noctuna who has been missing whilst working undercover for some time. Clearly not wanting to liquidate a valued servant of the Imperium the team instead plot escape with her, not noticing the cell she is held in was bugged.

Before their escape plans can come to fruition they find themselves in a huge subterranean area, with sigils of the dreaded and legendary Serrated Query, with a crowd of humans, mutants and xenos – led apparently by Hakim Esteban (Deceased) who proceeded to set a huge Tyrannosaurus which was dispatched but not without losses, including three fingers on Joslyn’s right hand. Next they unleashed an armoured rhino…

During the thick of a terrific battle they became aware the crowd was shielded. The sharp eyes of Ravia Balsis & Vladimir Ivanovich Zek managed to spot a generator node and after a number of struggling shots the shield was taken out and the rhino killed. This send the crowd running and Sister Nocturna wasted no time turning Esteban’s head into a shower of blood and brains with an uncanny shot.

With the crowd dispersing in panic the team seemed confident of escape until a small girl jumped into the area and began summoning a wall of fire in front of them…



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