The Shape of Things to Come

Tales from the Void: Part 3

Following quarantine and a lovely state dinner as guests of Lord Captain Casper Drake the team were introduced to a fellow acolyte of Inquisitor Marianna Locarno, a Naval Armsman called Calder.

With the beginnings of a new cell in hand they were given special and separate quarters and begin exploring the leads at hand whilst waiting for the Vindicator to arrive in the Tranch system, where they hoped to close any further investigation of Sebastian Klinsman’s (Deceased) death by speaking with his family at their seat on Marius Station.

The team also found out the Lady Mary would be arriving at Tranch around the time they would. This links not only to what happened on Sevastopol station but also a wider inquiry into the HIMS Agamemnon and it’s flight recorder clearly needs the light of the Emperor to shine and purify it. Calder also briefly questioned one of the two survivors of the Sevastopol station incident, Gammin Nodolrine. He declined to question Briella Stassin, who appeared to be dealing with the trauma of events in her own way.

The team also examined the flight recorder and found a flight path for the Agamemnon;s last known real space location – a remote and uninhabited system designated XB-46. A visit to the ship’s Astropathic Navigator revealed the flight recorder has Warp taint so they wisely spaced it out the air lock once they had gleaned all they could.

The session ended with the Vindicator arriving in the Tranch system and the team departing on their ‘tug’ for the main Tranch hiveworld…



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