Regis Quintos


Regis Quintos was a foundling child granted to the Tech Priests. He spent his whole life in their company and training. However, throughout he was deeply unhappy with the order and his eventual fate as a inhuman machine.

This unhappiness manifested itself in an unhealthy obsession with sex, which was largely ignored by the priesthood – after all chem gelding and the like would cleanse the mortal flesh eventually.
Therefore Regis grasped the opportunity to get the hell away from this fate by enduring The Inquisition. Ironically, the tougher, rougher, leg blasting Regis has evolved out of this flight. Regis, through his experiences, now believes in the way of the empire; however, that it must be done with as much humanity as the situation allows.

Also, ironically, as his fate worse than death (becoming a full tech priest) faded so did his sexual obsessions. Now they are at a manageable and normal (!) level.
He may even be starting to enjoy life – not that he’d ever admit that. He enjoys Amasec even more!

Regis Took Over the Observation deck: view from door:


The Captain wasn’t sure about the soft furnishings, but Regis was — and being his rank has some privileges as well as problems. Regis greets a newcomer.


Welcome to the hive:


On planet


Regis Quintos

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