Dark Eldar 'splinter' Carbine


This weapon fires shards of splintered crystal using a powerful magnetic pulse.


Class: Basic
Range: 60m
RoF: S/3/5
Damage: 1D10 +2 R
Pen: 3
Clip: 200 (yes 200)
Reload: 2 Full
Wt: 3kg
Special: Toxic option.

Toxic Rules:
Any target that takes damage must make a Toughness test with a -5 penalty for each point of damage taken. Success indicates no further effects. Failure deals another 1d10 of impact damage with NO reduction from Armour or Toughness.


Recovered from the fallen body of a foul Xenos on a ‘less secure’ area of Hive Calmir on planet Tranch.

Open possession of such a weapon would result in arrest and possible execution on most civilised Imperial worlds without the correct permits.

Dark Eldar 'splinter' Carbine

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