The Shape of Things to Come

"A Return to Form"

The Acolytes were sent to seek the source of a Germanium reading in the south polar region of Scintilla under orders from Jadia, the Inquisitor-in-waiting. Taking the newly commissioned Lady Veer they made good time to their destination, travelling under the guise of smugglers and bootleggers. Accompanying them was the Adepta Sororitas Sister Alexandra, a sister militant-in-training whose expertise in Xeno history and language has seen her seconded to the Inquisition on a number of occasions. Sister Alexandra hit it off really well with Regis and his growing fondness with Amasec.

Meeting their contact, Hess – they offloaded their cargo of liquor and proceeded by Hess’s half-track to a small settlement near the edge of the Arctic Rift – a man made canyon that was once a pre-Imperium mining operation on a huge scale.

A run in with a three eyed mutant child (whose eyes had been gouged out) led them to make haste to the source of their readings – a rusted ruin of an ore smelting work. Coming under sniper fire the Acolytes managed to locate the source, a Necron symbol that looked to have been torn from the very living metal of a Necron and preserved in some sort of inhibitor field to stop it teleporting back to it’s tomb ship or world.

With the prize in hand they wasted no time evading the sniper fire and getting back to Hess and his half-track. Safely back on the Lady Veer they contacted the Dawn Searcher and docked for the trip to Iocanthus with their Necron artefact in hold. Their plan during the journey is to auction it off to keep appearances as smugglers and xeno-relic traders whilst at the same time try to make sure the relic finds it’s way back into the hands of the Inquisition…


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