Faldon Kise

Technically a Frontier World which is actually bordering on the early stages of Hive status. It is located in the Malfian Sub-sector and has an odd history.

The world had a long settled native population who were decimated when Orks invaded around three centuries prior in 39,890. Nominally under Imperial control, it saw millions of troops pouring in but only after decades of delays. The final Ork was officially killed a week before New Years Day in 40,731, now an official planetary holiday named the ‘Day of Cleansing’ where Ork effigies are beaten with sticks by children who are rewarded with candies if they are the first to break off a limb.

The war to reclaim the world was brutal and resettlement took time but most of the major cities are populated by the descendants of the Imperial Guard who recaptured the world.

An ore rich world, the Adeptus Mechanicus have set up several major foundries which draw the rich chemicals and minerals from a massive inland sea, the results of which form a part of the planetary tithe. The only other sea of note is the Tempest Sea, which is named so for good reason. That is also home to the infamous Tempest Penal Colony, where the planet’s worse criminals are housed until they are shipped off world to join the penal legions.

The main city, Corvus city is almost a miniature Hive. A place built on the ruins of whatever was destroyed by the Orks before.

The pre-invasion culture is viewed with contempt and derision by the settlers. Most all were killed by Orks or bred out of existence by the settler-Guard. The previous people were called the “Kise”. Famous for their slim, tall bodies and green/blue eyes despite a variety of skin tones.

A large pocket of their worst element survived well until 40,190, using an old bunker complex and fallout shelter as an underground city within the ‘Kibble’ around 30km from Corvus city. They were eventually discovered running an old chemical factory and selling drugs and raw materials to the highest bidder. Rumours of cannibalism and dark arts abounded, it wasn’t long until the Arbiters and PDF moved in led by several Inquisitorial cells to purge their tainted bloodline once and for all.

The current ruler of the planet is Lucian Alexander, a by the numbers man who is clearly heavily influenced by the Sector Governor’s policies, particularly when it comes to possible rebellion and sedition.

Faldon Kise

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