LOCAL NAME: Cantus / “Dinoplanet”

CLASS: Imperial World
PLANETARY SEAT: Cantus Prime (orbital)
Population: 3.2 billion
PRINCIPLE EXPORTS: Saurian meat from the planet’s abundant reserves. Also pays a tithe of 100,000 souls annually to the Imperial Guard.

The system has six planets, only the forth is habitable and home to a huge dinosaurs which are herded and farmed, supplying healthy, if expensive meat to the Markayan Marches.
There are also a few major space ports, small but deep oceans and several Imperial Monasteries, the most unique being the Order of the Lotus run by the Adeptus
Sororitas as a weeding out training ground – overseen by Sister Hadrianna the Grey.

Cantus is similar politically to earth in the 20th Century and also technologically. There are around 15 nation states divided by ethnic and ideological lines. War is not uncommon but providing the food and manpower tithes are met and the Imperial monasteries are provided for the Imperium leaves Cantus alone.
Cantus has an orbital station called Cantus Prime – the Imperial governor Solen rules from here – he is more an administrator overseeing tithes and occasionally stepping in with his Imperial Guard division to prevent major wars.But given the luxuries of the station, he is loathe to interfere planetside unless the situation demands it.

Major nations include the Sollaron Conglomerate, The Confederated States, & New Belacane.
There is currently a civil war between rival fractions in the Confederated States which is now being put down by Arbiter forces loyal to the Governor.


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