The Shape of Things to Come

Tempest In A Tea Cup

Mr X/Suzannah stood there gloating as she clung to the collar of young Keturah, bloodied and defeated. Unexpectedly the riot alarms sounded and the room emptied of all but a few guards. Seizing the moment the team attacked and within a few brutal seconds had dispatched Mr X, several guards and saved Keturah.

With a full blown riot going on outside they realised that the most secure place would be the Governor’s offices, and also the place they were likely to find the most answers.
The Governor’s offices turned out to be quite well guarded as expected. Prison defences are designed around the concept of prisoners escaping though, and they didn’t factor a team of ‘smugglers’ led by a seasoned Arbiter armed with a Bolt Pistol.

With Keturah and Hak on watch, the Arbiter attempted to hack into the prison machine spirit system and pull up files. This took longer than expected and a wave of guards were held off by Solates whose liberal use of grenades saw the final guard wisely retreat. Arbiter Josslyn managed to get a signal to her boss via the prison comm systems.

Governor Rodriguez decided to make a bold entrance in his favourite suit of power armour. Quick reactions from the team and a liberal amount of bullets dropped him faster than expected and he quickly surrendered. Investigating his office yielded a case with a lot of cash, a tray of valuable gems and a data slate that resisted all attempts to hack it.

A commotion down the corridor and a lot of bloodied guards and prisoners running towards them led them to a nightmare creature of legend.


Filling the entire corridor and making short work of the security gate the team let loose with the best they had, and despite a close shave with a Genestealer claw managed to prevail – no doubt in part to their faith in the God-Emperor.
A few hours later an Inquisitorial shuttle arrived and they were introduced to their real employer, the enigmatic Inquisitor Locarno. Agreeing to continue their work for the Left Hand of the Emperor they were take off site for debriefing…and at least one of them was hopeful no one would notice the case of cash was missing…



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